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Inventory Managment

With global network and modern facilities, Inventory management is essential for business scaling because it lowers the risk of stockouts and inaccurate records. Also, to boost productivity and increase operational efficiency, it has now become important for logistics businesses to adopt inventory management solutions. They are now hiring the top logistics software development services to build robust logistics mobility solutions. At Piris Road we value inventory managment and help you reduce complexity and cost.

  • Locations : Duhok, Ibrahim AL Khalil
  • Complaince : ISO9001:2008, FTZ, TS16949:2002, FDA Regulation
  • Dimension : Length 250 M, Width 80 M, 12 Meter
  • Roof Slope : 1:10
  • Crane System Applicable
  • Many of our facilities are ideally situated close to key ocean ports for major shipping routes, allowing faster throughput of your cargo. We offer various services depending on where your cargo come we can straight transload, or building consignments direct to distribution centre.

    Finally, we will combine our warehousing with our transportation forms: inland transportation road, rail, sea freight and air freight to help your cargo to flow smoothly.

    What we can do for you:
    Customize according to needs

    We can customize our service according to the amount of goods you want to store.

    Reducing your costs

    By understanding stock patterns, you can better utilize the stock you already have by seeing how much and where you have it in stock. Because you can complete orders from anywhere, you can keep less inventory at each location (store, warehouse).

    Shorten your cycle time

    Less time, effort, and money are expended on inventory management investments at other sites after the implementation.

    Increase operation efficeincy

    Inventory has a significant impact on the company's output as well as the effectiveness of the products it produces.

    Our storage solutions

    Short-term storage solution

    Sharing warehouse solution

    Self-managed warehouse leasing solution

    Piris Road is committed to achieving outstanding Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality performance, while delivering products and services to our Customers safely, on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards
    Piris Road is committed to delivering in timely manner, at a reasonable cost, and in good condition for our customers
    Since its establishment, Piris Road Logistics has adopted the principle of providing quality and accurate solutions in all transportation areas. As a corporate logistics company that adheres to the principles of continuous improvement, honesty and respectability, it aims to provide the best service to its customers
    Piris Road is committed to delivering in timely manner, at a reasonable cost, and in good condition for our customers